Monday, January 08, 2007

Cable Guy AGAIN

Ok…I really don’t make this shit up. The cable guy is here again…I keep thinking my problems are fixed but there weren’t so I told them to come give me a new box. Guy shows up to give me a new box….replaced the box in 5 mins and still hasn’t left.

Right now he’s in my garage… clue what he’s doing in there. Maybe he’s taking a nap, maybe he’s eating food from my little pantry, perhaps he’s drinking my beer….that mother f’er better NOT be drinking my beer.

This one won’t leave either. Now’s he’s changing some fittings…….JUST GO. He spent 50 minutes here when the entire job seemed to only take 5.

And by the way….he had a bluetooth headpiece in his ear the entire time but wasn’t on a call. See what I mean about the idiots that wear them around……moron cable guy types.



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