Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Me Big Strong Man

That's right folks....talking about the World's Strongest Man competitions. Ever see this shit. Meat-headedry at its finest and for those of you who know me.....meatheads rank up there with the worst kind of buffoons in my book (maybe cause I'm the short, cuddly, adorable, smart type).

As a sidenote this is why I have complete and utter disdain for cops. Cops are just the high school meathead jocks who were cool but not smart enought to do anything real with their lives. They go on to be cops so they can still be the feared bullies of society. I don't want you to think I was bullied by these people and I have a chip......just the opposite, I befriended them with my humor (they are really easy to make laugh) and I sold them pot so they really liked me. Just that looking back I realize how moronic they were/are and I just used them to be cool and get invited to the parties.

ANYWAY.......Worlds Strongest Man. They lift logs, pull trucks, squat kegs of beer, carry huge rocks and shit like that. Big giant men but nobody actually watches this shit unless its to watch some freaks of nature every now and then. I was watching the other day and they had this guy from Iceland on there. The way he talked about being in the competition and what it meant to his country you'd have thought he was Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods. DUDE, NOBODY knows who you are.

Then this guy goes on to say....."when I tell people I am from Iceland they say....'you are strong man'.....Iceland is known for strong man".

Hmmmm.......how many people know anything about people from Iceland???? Maybe they say you are strong man because you look like a teenage grizzly bear? Maybe its the 6'4", 325 frame of pure muscle???? Maybe its because they just saw you pull a TRUCK 200 yards??? It might NOT be because you are from Iceland.

MEATHEADS.....gotta love em....as long as they aren't cops.



Blogger fashionkitty said...

When I think of Iceland, I think of buffoons with those big funny horn hats. I guess that is a 'strong' man thing.

1/03/2007 12:04 PM  

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