Thursday, December 14, 2006

Make a difference indeed

I am all too familiar with AOL. Let's just say (as some of you know) I know them intimately. Anyway, even I was shocked by their recent commercial featuring the dude from Married with Children (Al Bundy).

The gist of the commercial is you should sit in front of your computer watching videos in order to make a difference. WHAT???? AOL I know you are mad but are you completely insane?

It used to be visit sick and old people, give food to needy, cure cancer, walk in breast-a-thon walks, etc to make a difference. It USED to be get away from TV, videos, the computer in order to make a difference. Doing that shit is just going to make you fat. TV and Video use to be the sole cause of child obesity (well, ok, along with the super size fries and everything else).

Now AOL wants us to sit around and watch videos in order to make a difference.

Thats precious.....truly precious and I happen to know for a fact that MANY people at AOL ARE buffoons.


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