Wednesday, December 13, 2006

RR's Date a State

I know I pick on Rachel Ray alot but a) its so damn easy and b) there simply isnt enough other amusing tv on at this time.

So I'm watching RR the other day and she has a segment called date a state. This is where she picks a woman from the audience and she can view over 50 from every state and decide which state she wants to go to coffee with.

Seems reasonable right??? WELL IT'S NOT. big ass, frumpy CAN'T put 50 reasonably good looking, well built men in their mid-20s on a stage to be selected by some 45ish, frumpier than you, bigger ass than yours haggard divorcee. What do those guys want with that old, big ass nonsense.

NOT like this woman was a hot MILF and you might be making two fantasies come true.....young guys older MILF fantasy (one I know all too well) and the older woman's young stud fantasy (I've read about these in Penthouse Forum).

I'm betting the buck spit in old maid's coffee.



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