Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mama Oprah

I heard the other day that Oprah really is a MaMa. No shit.....she has "secretly" (whatever that means) adopted 10 babies in Africa. She sends them money on a monthly basis and makes sure they go to boarding school.

WAIT.....does this mean I was a Papa in 5th grade? I "adopted" a child when I was in 5th grade. $1.25 a month which ensured my child was fed and educated. In fact MOST 5th graders do this Mama Oprah. I mean it costs about $15/month to be a mama and you only got 10 "kids"?

The world should really be proud of you Oprah for doing what a class of 5th graders do. Cmon now....shouldn't you adopt an entire village??? actually COUNTRY????? You want congratulated for spending $150/year on your 10 kids? You are making alot more from that Church of yours than that.



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