Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A..B..D...Ooops We lost the C

OK, Ok….if there was ANY doubt before are we all sold on that the cueball is gay? How many of you also cringed as he announced that he got married in Disney? For those of you who have been to Disney you know those annoying adults who don’t have kids yet they run around Disney with Mickey/Minnie ears? Those people with the Mickey/Minnie bride and groom ears because they just got married or are on their honeymoon? This is Joey Cueball.

So Joey goes on to dedicate his first dance to his grandfather Harry Shaw…..aka, Pop-pop. Grandma turns to pop-pop and tells him how proud he should be and pop-pop already looks as if he’s disgusted that his grandson is doing this nonsense. He fought in WWII, grandson the cueball is overly feminine dancing on TV……NOT PROUD. THEN, cueball appears in a gay little sailor outfit…….oh boy, Harry Pop-Pop can’t be happy about this. I can just hear his phone ringing off the hook from his WWII veteran friends “harry, harry….ha ha ha ha….harry, is that joey…ha ha ha…..oh god look how gay he looks harry….he dedicated his gayest dance yet to you”. Pretty sure Joey might miss next week’s performance to attend his dead grandfather’s funeral.

Emmitt looks like he’s too big to be dancing and shouldn’t be any good but somehow he pulls it off. I’m shocked each week that I actually like how he moves. He’s wearing some kind of a bicep bracelet right now and I’m thinking he’s cool. If that was the Gay Cueball I’d be going out of my mind. Speaking of Emmitt and his partner, Cheryl isn’t all over Emmitt nearly as much as she was Drew. Doesn’t look at him the same, doesn’t fondle him the same way……I’m still waiting to hear about her and Drew.

Carrie Anne (female judge) needs to stop with the wild ass dancing in her seat. I wonder what book of clichés Bruno (gay judge) uses for his remarks after each performance.

Final dance of the night for the cueball and guess what??? He looks gay. Who would have thought he was going to run across the stage and drop to his knees toward his partner…..now THAT looked VERY natural to him.



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