Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dear Lindsay

"It’s never been about the money." the actress told PEOPLE about taking a pay cut to star in the Emilio Estevez-directed drama. "I mean you can’t buy happiness – everyone says that and it’s true. It’s about the characters that I want to play.”

This is a quote from Lindsay Lohan. She is SOOO the next Tara Reid. This girl has done nothing but get her mug shot at every party and club between LA and NY. She did the Parent Trap when she was like 10, then Freaky Friday and Mean Girls and then NOTHING. Of course it’s about the characters you want to play Lindsay…..or shall you say …..ANY character anyone will give you. She is shown here at the opening of Bobby directed by Estevez. Seems a star studded cast but she isn’t even listed amongst the stars of the cast. Probably plays a maid of some sort.



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