Thursday, November 02, 2006

We Lost a C

I'm not surprised by last nights results on Dancing with A, B, C and Ds. I figured the gay cue-ball could outlast the annoying C lister. The gay community spoke and this is the more week to mock Joey. I can't say I'm disappointed either...I either want to see decent dancing or someone I can mock. The C-lister annoyed me with some of those wild ass tribal moves she made ( all know the ones I'm talking about and I'm not being racial....I'm just pointing to moves that simply didn't belong in the dances). Between those moves, the annoying facial expressions and her partner Louie (I think that's his name....I really don't care to spend my time looking it up...feel free to correct me) anyway....between all these things and Louie I'm glad she's gone.

Ok...I did look it up....Louie had the unfortunate opportunity to first be paired with EVERYONE's biggest annoyance....Trista....rememer this chick from Bachelor and then Bachelorette??? She was SOOO annoying and SOO desperate to be famous. She ended up picking some fireman when she became bachelorette and then held on to her celebrity as long as she could......well...I think she learned how much America hated her when she was kicked off like 1st in the first season of Dancing with the D listers. Then Louie danced with the ever-so-annoying-yet-hot-in-an-old-milf-sort-of-way Lisa Rinna who then turned and forced her washed up, pasty-faced, not-so-dilf (????daddy i'd like to F*&K....I dont know????) Harry Hammy....god I kill thought leads to another...Harry isn't a real man's name, it's something a man isn't supposed to's something you shave your back to avoid....not a name....anyway, he got booted right quick this season and destroyed Lisa's short lived regained fame. Maybe Beau is done with Hope and looking for you "whatever your name on guiding light was, Lisa".

So Monique is gone. Oh Well....good riddance....nothing hot lost so what do I care. I can still make fun of the gay cue ball and her manly dance partner, watch slater's partner lust after him and watch cheryl......I'm happy.


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