Thursday, October 26, 2006

Did I call it or what?

Not even a week after I said Lindsay would be the next Taramess I get this picture sent to me from the Kitty herself. It appears that not only was I right but Taramess is actually taking her under her wing. Lindsay will be a complete mess in no time and perhaps Tara can get a guest spot on the sure to be upcoming Lindsadise. I originally said this show would probably come on in about 10 years when Lindsay is approaching 30 and is a complete mess but under Tara’s tutelage I’m thinking it could be closer to 5 years.

Just look at this picture, Lindsay already has the gut, now she just needs a botched boob job and another 5 years to add to the worn look so she’s really haggard looking.

Ohhhh boy, I’m excited for the possibilities.


Blogger Fashion Kitty said...

Gees Tara's boobs are (or were I guess) SCARY!!

10/27/2006 3:07 AM  

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