Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The A, B, C, Ds of Dancing

Ok, I was a bit harsh with prior titles about Dancing with the D Listers. What we actually have is an A, B, C and D left. The segment between the Ballroom and Latin dances left little doubt:

A: Emmit is the NFL leading rusher, he's an A list stud....and he can move.
B: Mario shows up as a correspondent of ET or Extra (one of those dumb shows) so he has something going on.
C: Monique (I think thats her name) has recently been in the kiddie hit, Teen Musical and was at least asked to some charity halloween thing hosted by Maria Shriver and Jamie Lee Mantis....or Curtis.
D: Joey's big thing to do in his down time was go to a pumpkin patch. He has NOTHING going on.

Notes on tonights show:

Joey is more feminine than his manly partner. When Bruno (gay judge....finally figured out his name) called them the King and Queen of ballroom I'm pretty sure Joey was the queen. When his partner was asked if she felt sexy in the 'little' outfit she had on during the Latin dance her response 'no'.....meanwhile she's thinking 'I feel comfortable in my Construction Man costume'.

Mario: Ummmm, I think I might have been a little turned on by him tonight.....Ok, thats completely false but the dude can dance and although I wasn't turned on, am I the only one who was getting the sense that his partner just wanted to skip the second dance and take him home and nail him right then and there? He's SOOO getting lucky tonight.

Monique: Annoys me and her second outfit was HORRIBLE. Not good.

Emmitt: He can dance pretty good but the second dance the judges were all over him and I sort of thought he just stood there and twirled around Cheryl. Didn't think he did much but I did notice Cheryl basically grabbed his crotch at one point.

With all the weighting on popular vote its going to be Mario vs Emmitt.

I see a follow up to White Man Can't Jump because we certainly can't dance. The final four are a black man, black woman, latino guy and gay white guy (doesn't count....I'm talking real white men).


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