Saturday, November 11, 2006

World's Most Amazing Videos....OR NOT

I was home one day and was channel surfing and got caught on Spike TV watching World’s Most Amazing Videos. At first I figured this was going to be a corny show that would be intolerable but I’m all about giving things a chance……well, most things but some things aren’t even open for discussion and I digress again.

The best part of this show is how dramatic the commentator gets about everything. He uses some form of the word disaster in every other sentence. Many of the videos are true disasters but a lot of the stuff is just ridiculous and there he is….”and disaster unfolds”….NO, NO, there is NO disaster there.

Case in point:

Two guys go up in a hot air balloon for a ride and the balloon pops on the corner of a building. The commentator starts in with his routine “disaster strikes as the balloon is ripped and starts plummeting to the ground…..what will the men do….panic sets in”. Actually the balloon was falling gently like a soft parachute ride and the men didn’t seem too concerned.

Then…..”oh no, further disaster, as the balloon gets stuck on the side of the building high above the ground”…..No, not actually, before the cameraman gets ahold of the situation it is clear that the balloon is about 5 feet from the ground….not nearly high enough to hurt anyone.

“The men inside panic knowing they only have moments before the balloon rips and the basket falls to the concrete below”. WHAT??? The basket is RIGHT NEXT to a window ledge that is 4 feet deep so the guys jump out of the basket over to the ledge. No panic, clear path to safety.

This is must see TV. You almost wonder if the commentator is watching a completely different video…..great stuff.



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