Thursday, December 07, 2006

You Dancing Fool

That's right....I'm talking about Ellen De'Lesbian. I haven't had anything to say about this show because I can't get myself to watch more than 2 minutes of it but alas I was flipping around and saw her holding some little peanut holders she is selling on her web site.....all 25 of them.

After pitching her peanut holders she started a little segment called "I can dance". This is a segment where the DJ plays some music and Ellen dances around the studio audience and onto her seat. I've been told she does this every day. It must be her way to transition from monologue to seat......going to commercial or simply walking is apparently too easy.

I have to tell you, I almost lost my breakfast watching her dance. What is more disturbing than watching an ugly, butch lesbian without an OUNCE of sex appeal dance around trying to be sexy?....ohhhhh, I'll tell you.....watching this same ugly butch STRADDLE her coffee table and seemingly doing some sexy pseudo lap dance grinding thing as she dances from end to end while STRADDLING.

Who is watching this shit? Frumpy housewives who all of the sudden think they can be sexy by dancing along????




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