Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Real World Train Wreck

Well it's not a real train wreck....that's right...MTV's Real World is back and after possibly the WORST cast in the history of Real World MTV got it right again.

Two seasons ago, there was Wes, Nehemia, Danny, Melinda, the Goth idiot who contstantly got caught talking shit on each other and piggy face....she was the girl who wasn't really fat but had a fat, pig shaped head so as a result no matter what she wore or how thin she was she always looked fat cause of that face......poor thing...such a curse you bear.

Anyway, this season was the BEST by far because of these idiots. I'll NEVER forget Danny's fake ass tan on the reunion show as he tried to be all Ben Affleck. So following that season I figured MTV had the formula: complete buffoons. But last season failed miserably. They put 7 strangers with no personality in a house to see if they could bore each other to death.

My Friends, this season is back and back STRONG. We are talking complete buffoons. One chick is a former raiderette...complete wild whorish type. Another is an ok looking chick from someplace on earth. These two talk about how great of friends they are going to be. Ok Looking Chick (OLC) falls for one of the dudes....making out with him, cuddling at night, etc. They all get drunk, OLC wants dude to cuddle, dude says he'll be there in a minute and then goes and has sex with the Raiderette....OLC's new BFF. Oh, did I mention this is all within the first 3 days???

Then OLC and dude talk and seem to be ok and patching things up after OLC brings home a random to make dude jealous. So what do OLC and Dude do???? They make a pact to NOT hook up with anyone else. Seems reasonable right??? Oh, the pact was for 24 hours. After 3 days, they are making a pact to NOT hook up with anyone else for ONE FREAKING DAY.




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