Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mama Oprah and her court

Watch Mama Oprah yesterday and saw an episode featuring the cast of the new movie Dreamgirls. Boy what a priceless treat this was.

Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy and two unknowns all on stage with their Mother Queen, Mama Oprah.

In the Church of Oprah I’m pretty sure Jamie Foxx is the lead Arch Angel protecting the gates of Mama Oprah’s heaven. At least this is what you’d assume seeing him sit up on that stage all mighty and full of himself. This is the same Jamie Foxx that was a clown in In Living Color, Roc and the Jamie Foxx show. I have to give it to Jamie….with that Ray movie he is now the shit when it comes to serious, legit, A list Black actors and is certainly fitting of his role protecting Mama Oprah from evil.

Then we have Beyonce…….she decided on her own that she was going to lose 20 pounds for the movie. The directors didn’t ask her to….she decided on her own. “Hmmmm, I’m a borderline cow with hips ready to explode into the ether world and I’m going to be playing the leading lady opposite ArchAngel Jamie who is thin as a rail…fit as a fiddle….he’s no chubby JayZ so maybe before I get filmed with this squirt I should de-chub myself”. Brilliant Beyonce that you came up with that all on your own. What SOUND logic you possess. Now how did she do it so quick??? Liquid diet…she just drank liquids for 2-3 weeks or something. She’s gonna be fat again in no time…mark my words. That girl LOVES to eat.

AND FINALLY we have Eddie… Mama Oprah’s church he is obviously the clown prince….the court jester. From what I could tell from the clips Eddie essentially plays his James Brown character from SNL. The interesting thing about Eddie that I never noticed before is that he is gay. Read this again please so it doesn’t go over your head……..EDDIE MURPHY IS GAY. His mannerisms, his look, the way he talks….I’m telling you he is as queer as a 3 dollar bill. I couldn’t believe I was coming to this conclusion and it will never be admitted publicly but I am 100% convinced he is gay.

Just watching this gang on one stage pretending the audience wasn't even there cause they are so far above them was classic hollywood in their own world. LOVED IT.



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