Thursday, December 14, 2006

Megan the Menace and Hicks the Has Been

Megan Mullally is a menace. There is no other way to put it. I actually had to google her to find out she was the annoying bitch on Will and annoying show in general. Who knew she was personally more annoying than her character.

She has some horrible talk show where she squawks all the time and annoyingly laughs at herself. I digress, this is actually meant to be about Taylor Hicks. To be honest I had no idea who the hell this lady was but saw Taylor Hicks and thought.....'hmmm, what's he doing'.

So, Carrie Underwood is opening at the CMAs, AMAs and most other MAs out there with her new sleek and sexy self......(Carrie my dear....when you stood up with that long sweater thing and revealed those new legs of yours I assure you men applauded).....anyway, Carrie is doing great and Taylor is appearing on Menancing Meggy's show.

This isn't a show on NBC, CBS, FOX or the like....its on some local station that rates under the WB for quality TV. There's Taylor flailing himself around, playing the harmonica and wierdly twitching around the stage in all his American Idol glory. Oh my what you've managed to make of yourself Hicks. Fine work.

Side note: wonder how Daughtry's album is selling?



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