Friday, December 15, 2006

Who Believed This BS anyway?

So Brit and Paris aren't BFFs anymore. Ohhhh boooo hooooo. Cmon, like I ever thought these two princesses liked each other. One was born on a pile of hundreds and the other is a product of a $100 trick gone bad when the pill failed and a swimmer got through.

Silver Spoon meet Trailer Park, I don't think so.

Paris' Publicist (PP): Hey 'whatever your name is' Paris is going to be at xxx club at midnight, make sure Brit is there so they can get a photo opp, cause some noise and get some free easy publicity
Brits Publicist (BP): Great idea 'whatever your name is' this will be a grand way to keep them relevant
PP: yeah, huh?
BP: right yeah
PP: Ok, so be there at midnight cause Paris doesnt like to be kept waiting and doesn't really want to be there long waiting for Brit
BP: OK, and shall I leak how the girls are "hanging out like BFFs" or shall you? Is it too soon to be calling them BFF's?
PP: Not at all.....I'll do it.

They don't like each other, they don't hang out and there was no chance in hell they were ever going to be BFFs.



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