Thursday, January 04, 2007

Meathead Update

I'm watching deal or no deal. After my rant about hating cops the other day I am lucky enough to be sitting here and who is the contestant....a COP and what is he????....a meathead.

His Name: Officier Shinebox......can you say MEATHEAD

When asked what case he wants: My name is Shine, I feel fine give me case #9. Whoaaaa

Then before he starts picking his cases he does a little heel kick swirl to face the banked and announces "I'm here to read you YOUR rights" with two index fingers pointed like guns at the banker.

Happiest moment of the show so far is watching him pick the $1mm case on his 3rd selection. Dumbest moment so far is after he picked his first 6 cases he turned to the banker and read him his rights…….I mean cmon…I knew it was going to happen but save that dumbass bullshit we knew was coming for a big moment….like when you are down to 6 cases left and waiting for a big offer. NOT after your first 6 cases when you just lost the $1mm case…….he can’t even be smart about being a big dope.

I’m betting Shinylocks messes this up….stay tuned.

He’d put the money aside in case anything happened to him on the street. Make sure the wife and kids are provided for….oh cmon…..they’d be set with a pension.

He brought 3 meathead cop friends as his supporters. OMG this is fucking great in a painful I want to look away but just can’t sort of way. The one meathead is all sunburned with bleached blonde hair looks like a goddamn inverted circus clown.

I’m waiting for him to run his head through some drywall somewhere just to show his manliness.

Damn….he’s getting lucky….offered $136,000 and has a lot of big numbers. There is no skill to him yet. He’s been lucky.

He has the meathead walk….arms can’t go to his side…they are always out you know semi elbows pointing out.

He’s at $195,000 and has big ones….the meathead friends are telling him to go….roll the dice…..and of course the meathead is rolling. If he knocks out $750,000 he’s screwed….cmon #3….give me $750,000 bring him down…….had $200,000 that’s ok. Offer dropped to $177,000. His pride won’t let him stop…he’s a meathead….and I was right.

Oh boy…he just opened $25 case and he did a split while the meathead friends did chestbumps. These aren’t 25 year old athletes in good shape….these are 38ish year old, slightly overweight, out of shape meatheads who have no vertical leap trying to do chest bumps……OH BOY…….

Well Shinebox got as high as $261,000 and came back down to $100,000. Good for him, good for my amusement….thanks Shine, that was fun at your expense and you made a buck.



Blogger fashionkitty said...

Haha. I HAVE seen this one. Total meathead.

1/05/2007 6:23 PM  

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