Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Beauty and the Geek

I tried watching this VH1 show once before but couldn’t get into the flow because it was one of the middle season episodes and I couldn’t figure out what they were doing but let’s say I’m glad I tuned in the other day.

During VH1’s marathon I caught the first episode and was hooked. Complete losers who can’t even stand being in a room with a girl and dumb girls who THINK they are hot……what’s not to love about this.

One scene showed all the girls and guys sitting at a long table….girls on one side, guys on the other….girls drinking, trying to party a bit and lighten the mood, guys just sitting there. One classic dialogue ensues:

Girl 1 (playing amateur psychologist with one guy): you say you can’t look girls in the eye and I can see exactly what you are thinking “what does she think about me, my hair, my face, my clothes, is there something in my teeth” you are afraid you are being judged.

Guy: yes exactly

Girl 1: you need to realize it’s not just you because of how you are, every girl does the same thing I always wonder what someone is thinking about me…am I pretty enough, am I as pretty as the others, I don’t want to get into a bathing suit because I think I’m bigger than all the other girls here…I know YOU are thinking that’s crazy because I look good but that’s what I’m thinking

Girl 2: I have big arms (said in the squeakiest dumb voice with an equally dumb look on her face)

Girl 1: everyone thinks about how they are judged so it’s not just you guys. All us girls do the same thing

Girl 2: I have a big butt (said in the squeakiest dumb voice with an equally dumb look on her face)

Sarah (only actual hot one): doesn’t say an actual word but stares blankly at the other two girls as if she’s thinking…’what???....I’m not afraid of being judged by these losers or any of you….I AM hot

Girl 1: We are going to help you get over it….you WILL be able to look me in the eyes. I assure you.

Nice work Girl 1…maybe you should harness him into a contraption so his head can’t move and then staple-gun his eyelids open so he HAS to look at you in the eyes.

Girl 2 your primary problem is not your fat arms and I didn’t even see you ass cause you were sitting down. Look in the mirror…….look at your face….do you see the real problem??? Do you see it…work with me….THAT’s RIGHT….you have a HORRIBLE complexion AND a big nose….HUGE nose. Those are what you should be thinking about.
Sarah...just keep being you: dumb with fake cleavage showing.

Ohhhh….and there was some middle eastern or Indian dude who couldn’t for the life of him understand why the girls wanted to shave the massive bushy 9 inch caterpillar laying over his eyes……what’s to get dude…how many other people have caterpillars living on their face?



Blogger fashionkitty said...

I got caught up in the marathon too. That squek one kind of had cross eyes. That show is comic genius.

1/03/2007 12:02 PM  

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