Monday, January 08, 2007

The Fame Game

The season is upon us….new reality TV for our viewing pleasure.

The entire cast is just begging to be famous again. Even poor Robin Leach is really working his way back.
They have competitions where the 2 losers have to go to the BList room while the others get to stay in the A-List part of house. Should be the D-List and the C-List sections where the D-List is an alley out back and the C-List is a small studio apartment with 8 beds. These morons are playing for $100,000. NOBODY who is actually famous cares about $100,000……if that means something to you then clearly you are D-List

First up last night was Celebrity Fame Game on MTV. This is going to be a train wreck for sure…..and a beautiful one with wonderful spillage of blood, guts and body parts everywhere. This won’t simply be mild carnage……this is going to be body parts strewn for miles.

Few notes from the premiere:

Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block is SUCH a pussy (sorry about the choice of words readers….I thought of toning it down but sissy just doesn’t get the point across….I know Kitty can handle it, DS is probably a bit shocked but laughing, Darkar I really don’t know you well enough yet and well….thats all my readers).

It’s not that he left when he found out his grandma died…..not that he cried when he found out…I’d have done the same thing….what most of you don’t know if that I am actually a very sensitive soul. Its how he tiptoed around all the other “players”. He was literally scared of Chyna and BridgEAT….looks like she ate a goddamn bridge she does. You might be too young to remember this but the Bridge-eater was hot back in the Rocky days….I spent some quality alone time with her in my head….I’ll admit that.

Webster walks in the house and Jordan says “what’s happening kid”…then they pan away to just Jordan and he’s all “Ohhh….I feel so bad….webster walked in and I called him kid…..I’m horrible….”. JC Jordan get over it….you didn’t call him a kid as in “you look like a kid you short stubby mother fucker”. It was like dude, man, chief, pal, buddy…….Anyway….Jordan is a pussy and he’s gone.

(sidenote……I’m not holding back on the language anymore….I was raised in a carwash and my mouth is filthy….deal with it or read perez the hack….she’s got great original material today….material from Stefani taken right out of Elle mag, a picture of the thin twin (that hasn’t been done yet), Orlando bloom peeing on a rock….no penis shot ladies).

Back to the fame game

Midget Verne from Austin Powers took over Jordan’s spot and it’s so obvious he wants no part of it. They forced him to play Tatoo in a Fantasy Island thing and then they made him take part and he’s miserable. Love watching the misery on his face.

Vanilla Ice keeps banging drumsticks together…..he wasn’t a drummer was he? He is sitting there with them and just banging them together. What a doof.

Chyna and Bridgette are going to be lesbian lovers before this is all over. The two of them could kill any other 4 people in the house.

Stay Tuned to see how this develops.



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