Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Golden Globes

As much as I hate watching the Golden Globes and such awards I can’t help but tune in to see these buffoons cause they are so priceless.

First observation – the winners all look so shocked. WHAT is so shocking…..you know you are nominated and there are only 5 nominated so you have a 20% chance of winning. You didn’t just win the powerball for god’s sake…..you had a 20% chance of winning once you knew you were nominated.

Then they get up and pretend they have no speech planned but they all sure ramble on like they do.

REALLY…..Timber’sMess really is a MESS. Time to dump her ass Justy.

I do like watching Jack’s reactions to everything. He is always center, front table and provides a bit of life.

Why didn’t Hugh Grant pretend to brush his hair We get it Hugh….you are a disheveled jokester….get on with it.

Apparently I missed TimberMess….THANK GOD.

All the beautiful people are really cheering their asses off for Ugly Betty. What is she going to inspire you all to stop the airbrushing and just be your plain selves??? I really don’t think so. Imagine that….ugly Betty’s date is ugly mommy cause she is too ugly to get a real date. OK…..UB….shut up.

Tall thin girl to UB: did you really think this was a possibility tonight?
UB: Well I knew there was a chance…….
ME (screaming at the TV): Yes you dumb bitch……there was a 20% chance…..20%...1 in 5…..why did you ask such a stupid question tall thin girl. At least UB didn’t say “no…I never thought it was possible” cause I would have smashed the TV.

Warren Beatty is either crazy or really trying hard to act crazy. Maybe he’s old and senile or just acting that way. He’s an old guy that wants to try and act as crazy as Jack but he’s doing a very poor job…..Old Buffoon.

Further proof that Eddie Murphy is gay……..he went through this horrid divorce yet he shows up with some chick on his arm…clear attempt to throw off any scent of his gayness.

Most annoying: Hillary Swank…..that damn horseface always annoys me.



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