Thursday, January 11, 2007

The View and The Donald

Two thoughts here:

First of all I finally watched The View with Rosie on it. It is now essentially the Rosie O'Donnell show with 3 Ed McMahons. She has 3 sidekicks but it's her show. To be fair, Barbara wasn't on the episode I watched so perhaps without her Rosie really stood out cackling and screaming out like only big fat Rosie can do.

Poor Lizzie Hasselbeck....she gets no respect from the other established older women. They all think they are famous and belong there whereas it was clear Lizzie was hired to be the cute young one but NOBODY else respects her "view" or cares what she has to say. They all talk to her like she's a dumb kid. Doesn't help her that she is a conservative prude and the others are liberals.

Only thing she got to chirping about was how her kid won't keep her hat on. Really Lizzie??? Imagine that.....the 2.5 year old doesn't want to wear her hat. This is your only View on anything??? Oh did have other thoughts...just nobody wanted to hear them.

David Arquette was the guest today. I give him credit he didn't show up in a "I was just murdered by an axe" outfit. FIRST time I have ever seen a picture of him where he didn't look like an ass. By the way....his kid won't wear a hat either.....Lizzie went ahead and brought that up again.

Second...Donald.....Cmon Donald....You are the DONALD.....why are you bringing yourself down to the level of Rosie in a war of words. You are one of the worlds wealthiest men, you don't get into a cackling match with a fat, lesbian, washed up talk show host who caters to miserable stay at home housewives......WHY? You don't see Bill Gates getting into it with Ellen De'Lesbian.



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