Friday, January 12, 2007

The Price is Right

Watched the Price is Right today for the first time in a long time.

1) when did Bob come back from the dead??? Seriously, didn't he die like 3 years least retired. Somehow I remember he was gone from Price is Right....dead or retired but he's still there.

2) in this day and age where porn is becoming more mainstream why in the hell are the chicks still wearing so much clothing? throw a guy a bone and strip down a bit.....something revealing more flesh.

3) apparently the only way to "come on down" is if you have a shirt on with some catchy phrase or something praising Bob or the show in general.

4) watched this dude win four prizes worth $9,000......a Pulaski kitchen island, Piano, set of golf clubs (he doesn't golf.....could tell by his awkward practice motion) and a big gumball machine. kid was super excited about winning......ummmmm hey pal not sure if you realize it but in order to claim your $9k in prizes you need to pay about $4k in taxes. do you really want that shit for $4k? I didn't think so.

The Price is Right has a shitload of unclaimed prizes because pepole have no use for that shit and have to pay alot in taxes to claim it. They should really just give cash.



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