Monday, January 29, 2007

Grocery Store Observations 1/29

I just can't help but tell you all some of my random thoughts because most of the people around me in the real world wouldn't 'get it'.

At the store today:

1) I'm not saying every person who owns a pet is trashy BUT when I look down the pet aisle i'm seeing alot of it. AND in the check out line there is definately a correlation between the size of pet food container and the level of trashiness.....bigger the bag, bigger the dirtball.

2) I can't imagine ever being in a situation where I couldnt afford to loan someone $5.....then again I can't imagine bagging groceries when I'm NOT doing it as a high school kid for some random drug money

3) I can't imagine NOT having $5 to buy a pack of smokes OR being so desperate for the smokes that I had to borrow $5.....then again, I can't imagine being the girl behind the prepared food counter watching those damn rotisserie chickens



Anonymous Anonymous said...

not having $5 is called college. or atleast that's been my experience

2/02/2007 1:50 AM  

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