Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More Annoying Work Issues

Two things about my new employment:

First, the cube I’m working in is right on top of the guy in front of me and the guy right behind me is right on top of me. I could lick the ear of the guy in front of me if I so desired…..which I don’t but I could. I sure hope the guy behind me doesn’t want to lick my ear…..cause he can if he desires.

Second, the floor I work on is with all the executives (because I’m important and very smart). This means the floor is VERY quiet….no messing around, no idle chit-chat, nothing. People ACTUALLY seem to spend all day working. I know the guy in front of me is working because I can see everything he does. Given the layouts of the cubes that means the only person who can fuck off all day is the person in the back where nobody can see their cube. Not only is there no chatting amongst people on the floor, you can’t really take a personal call without everyone hearing your business. This doesn’t apply to the Indian dude behind me who is free to make his calls and ramble on in his native tongue. Lucky son of a bitch can just mask his conversations by NOT speaking English.



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