Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Gig

Started a new gig and I'm hating it....I hate everything about work other than finding those funny little quirks about those around me that make me chuckle.

One such item is trying to figure out what the guy that sits in front of me does. He spent 6 hours yesterday calling internal and external customers asking them if they minded receiving one annual bill for ~$60-240 rather than 12 monthly bills of $5-60.

One person said they shouldn't even be billed because they register users for the system, train them but then unregister them so should only be billed for one user rather than all those he had listings of. Brain surgeon that he is changed her bill......"ummmm, hey dummy, she's screwing you out of your $200....i realize this is a billion dollar company but you need that $200". Dummy didn't get that she was using one sign on for all these people....train them, pass the credentials and then cancel them.

More to come.....going to be posting daily on my work exploits.

Sort of like my friends and I do with porn sites.



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