Sunday, February 04, 2007

Grocery Store Observations 2/2

Maybe it's the fact that my general locale is filled with morons but I'm not sure why every trip to the grocery store comes with some random event. I know these random events sure add to my pleasure.

Last night I went because I was out of some things I wanted for morning. I'm coming out, putting stuff in the back of my car and I see this cart just cruising down between the aisle of cars one over from where I was. People were walking by, at least 3 people failed to notice the unmanned, out of control cart.

The cart was actually following one chubby, scruffy, wild ass bearded, mangy looking dude. I couldn't believe the dude didn't turn to notice the cart. I was standing there just watching the cart because inevitably it was going to smash into someone's car. Every guy loves to see flying objects smash into shit so I'm just sitting there thinking it was going to be fun.

Well, somehow the cart followed the guy to his car, started slowing down and then came to rest right behind the guys car. At this point I'm in my car but I had to drive around to where this guy was parked so I could watch what was going to happen. He didn't know it was following him, then he goes and gets into his car without realizing it was right behind him.

Ohhhh this is gonna be he's going to back into it. I was disappointed when the cart didn't ram his 1984 Green Dodge Cobalt but now he's going to back into it. I pulled into a spot right across from him to watch. One problem......the spot in front of him wasn't occupied so the doof didn't have to back up at all....he could pull straight foward.....but would he?

Now this is suspense. he goes....... DAMN IT.......he pulled foward....SHIT. Oh well.....lots of unplanned action during my little trip and I enjoyed every second of it.

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