Thursday, February 08, 2007

$1000 for What

What crisis or emergency does our friend Nichols think she can buy her way out of with $1000? And how is she going to get to greece before she is in adult diapers saving $2 a month into her vacation fund.

Her and hubby are bigtime giving themselves each $100 to do whatever they want with. WOOOOO HOOO......I'd spend $50 on weed, $30 on a bottle of vodka,buy myself a pizza and have a good ole time living it up.

Something tells me she's gonna head on over to Kmart and get some of them fancy Martha Stewart placemats she's been eyeing up so she can stare down and something REAL purrty while she's eating that evening bowl of ice cream.

Does she think eating a JR bacon cheeseburger makes it alright? Even if she does even she can't think that eating that, chicken nuggets, waffle fries AND chicken strips BEFORE the cheesecake late night snack is ok.

You know what I had as a late night snack last night???? I had one fucking pickle slice. ONE....ONE pickle slice and it WAS NOT on a piece of goddamn cheesecake.

I think I get so upset because people can be so damn stupid to write this shit about themselves. As if i dont have enough humor in my have to go and publish stupidity for me to access?

Ok....I gotta go.....must go drink beer.



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