Friday, February 09, 2007


I'm walking around with $1000 cash in my pocket. Seriously. I just started thinking how some people dream of a $1000 emergency fund.....again I have no idea what kind of emergency can be diffused by $1000....perhaps if the Burger King runs out of whoppers you can hop a bus to the neighboring town to stock on there???

Anyway....some people dream of $1000 and others pick a number out of a the Super Bowl....have the total of the final score end in 6 and go pick up their $1000.

Some people put that money as their emergency fund and I'm likely to waste mine away on booze, maybe some drugs and possibly a nice new leather briefcase......OR just save it to put toward my new car (I'm thinking BMW but not sure yet.....if I have to drive to this god foresaken place every day and sit in the parking lot in the morning for my last few minutes of peace and joy listening to howard stern then I want those moments to be comfortable....ultra comfortable).

Again....anyway....some people dream of $800 in their emergency fund from a tax return($1000 minus the luxury $200 to squander) others (me) pay $800 to have their taxes done.'s sad actually.

OK.... I'm over that. Back to my punch drunk hangover buzz and another cup of coffee.

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Blogger fashionkitty said...

I will take that $1000 out of your pocket for you and buy myself something really nice with it.

2/09/2007 8:03 PM  

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