Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Monday Monday.....so good to me....

Came in and said hi to Altoid…not so much as a grunt.

I think my boss has IBS….thats irritable bowel syndrome. I see him in the shitter A LOT. Perhaps the burritos and fried fish with onion rings at lunch should be avoided.

Boss was supposed to work this weekend. I was going to come in to help. He called me Saturday and told me not to worry, that I should take Sunday off. He was going to work and get the deck in shape. HE DIDN’T. He is in MAJOR panic mode today. Met with the boss’s boss and it didn’t go great. Again the material was all there but my boss simply can’t function in front of his boss. He acts somewhere between a 5 year old and a very junior professional….

Bosses Boss:”well, maybe we should look at it this way”
Boss: “na-uh…….I don’t think so”
Bosses Boss: “but I think the audience…..”
Boss: “na-uh…..they won’t you know”

It’s really amusing.

Found out his last two employees asked to be reassigned and another who isn’t his employee but is supporting from a finance perspective said she wants off as well. So this means I’m going to start going around him or through him. He will listen……he will have to or I’ll just take his job.

My boss….we are now going to just call him Dummy….cause that’s what he is…..Dummy LOVES putting together to-do lists. 9 times out of 10 when I walk into his office he’s putting together a to-do list. I could be in his office once and then 5 minutes later and he has a new to-do list going. He’ll put things down and then cross them off as he’s writing up the remainder of the list. I don’t mind the process all that much other than when we are working until 10PM doing a dumb presentation and he’s wasting time creating to-do lists for himself.



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