Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Dwelling

I’ve been here a week so its time to describe the hodge podge of characters in my surroundings……and it IS a hodge podge. No two people in my immediate dwelling space are alike. In the past I sat in a row of cubes consisting of 4 dudes, all the same age, same demographic, all liked sports and talking about chicks. The only one different was a woman around 45ish (she might kill me if she saw that because she might only be 40 for all I know…..point is she’s older than me)….anyway, she was very cool and we chatted all the time. She didn’t have kids so she wasn’t a typical middle aged woman who just rambled about her kids……she ‘got’ the buffoons around us so we mocked them appropriately.

Well this place is completely oppo (that’s opposite in street lingo people). Every person is completely unlike the other. In fact every person is a random person that works in a different group….most are team members in groups of 3 people total with the others sitting in various other spots. There are 6 total people and one woman who comes in from Houston once a month.

So we have:

Altoid in front of me. He comes in every morning, organizes his stuff to get ready to work, sits down, puts his glasses on and starts working. Don’t discount the putting on of the glasses. This is the sign…….friends, its GO time….. Gonna get down to some BIZ-ness. Found out he’s from Jersey. This might explain his behavior. Typical New Yorker who isn’t about pleasantries…..just here to do the job man.

Across from me we have Posh…I call him this cause he’s youngish (like 27) and tries to be stylish and cool but isn’t doing a very good job at it. Then when he opens his mouth its clear he ain’t the brightest bulb in the bunch. Seems cool enough and doesn’t talk to anyone else in the aisle cause he’s too cool for them… he thinks.

Behind me we have Indian guy. He talks very little. Tried to engage him yesterday but didn’t get much. He’s not unfriendly, he’s just not talkative. I’ve never seen him talk to anyone else in the aisle. He’s a finance guy of some sort and unlike everyone else around here he seems to stroll in around 9:30 AM. He’s the one guy on his own schedule.

Behind him there is the woman from Houston. Well past her days but trying to hang on. I can see this one flying into town and throwing a few back at the TGI Friday’s trying to pick up some young buck on her business trip. Given all this of course she is friendly and about the only person who has talked to me in the aisle on a consistent basis during my first week……lonely old ladies will do that with handsome younger men (like myself). No, there will be no buffoonery stories of us together so let’s not worry about that readers.

Behind her there is a guy who is very busy cause I know his project. He also doesn’t talk to anyone in the aisle (including me). He’s 3 seats back so he can play it off as proximity as to why he doesn’t acknowledge me. Doesn’t matter…I think he might be gay…not that that bothers me…I’m just saying.

Across from him there is an admin. I have no reason to talk to her and she has no reason to talk to me so we don’t talk. Seems to be your normal, 20 something admin. Only thing I know about her is she has some big 4 day weekend trip planned and she’s “going regardless of who is how sick or what the weather is like”. Don’t think she gets out of the city much that one…..pretty excited.

So those are the immediate people in my neighborhood. Not one of them talks to anyone else other than the old lady looking for friends. She talks to everyone. One time Altoid talked to the admin and the admin gets lots of visitors (other admins) but that’s it.



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