Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bald Brit

OK certainly I have to comment. My fans…..the three of you would be quite upset if I didn’t. What can be said that hasn’t been said…I really don’t know cause I haven’t read anything that has been said.

First of all she is nuts….that is clear and has been said. Is this a post partum thing? Is she clinically depressed from having a kid? Certainly this isn’t a result of that trash ex-hubby of hers leaving cause that would be cause to rejoice. I have a thought….maybe she is just lashing out as the trash she really is. Shave my head and get a random tat to show em.
I had a roommate in college who was a big loser. My other roommates and I only took him in out of pity and because he was fun to mock. He was a big enough loser that he got himself kicked out for academic reasons the final semester senior year. He just had to get up and go to class a few more times and he would have made it. This is the same guy who’s dad was some construction dude, had multiple heartattacks but slaved away anyway just so his son Jackie (jack was the name) could graduate from this great college of ours. Way to repay the near dead dad Jackie…..fail out last minute.

I tell you all this cause Jackie was more or less trashy….he had this old construction green van that we’d go sit in the parking lot in and smoke weed. This was the type of van you would tell your children to stay away from….the type of van IF a woman was to see on the side of the road should avoid because odds are some guy was about to throw you into the back of it and next think you know he’s ‘putting lotion in the basket’. The other point on my buddy Jackie was that he shaved his head once. We were all out one night, Jackie was in one of his depressed moods because he was a self loathing, loser so he decided to leave early. When we got home there he was in the middle of the room with a pile of hair, pair of clippers and patches of his head scalped bald.

So what is wrong with Britney you might wonder??? She is self-loathing trash is my guess. Bet she has a green van as well.



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