Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Will And Jack

I watched VERY little of the Oscars. I haven't seen any of the movies (although I do want to see Departed because its supposed to be pretty good and I'm slightly interested in seeing Flags of our Fathers because I started watching a small piece of Iwo Jima on the History channel once but had to turn back to Ellen and Rachel to mock them)....anyway.....they are certainly boring and more importantly I had a dinner to go to or I would have watched for my own mocking good time.

I watched about 10 mins.....just enough to see the horrible skit with Will Farrell and Jack Black. Let me just say......we're over you.....done......I didn't even want to laugh. Usually in the past I would have thought "ha, I remember when Will used to do that and I thought it was funny.....20 times ago". I didn't even have that reaction. Now if the rest of the world can move on we can put you off to pasture and bring you back out in 10 years.....ala Eddie Murphy.



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