Thursday, February 22, 2007

American Idol - The Guys are Snoozin

Rudy – wearing a shirt with a big target on the front. I want to shoot him. Free Ride was a bad song and he can’t dance. Should be shot. Nice try….won’t last.

Brandon – backup singer for some big time people. He wants to Rock with You but he didn’t quite get off to a kickin start. He bored me with the song but I think he has the look and star quality that can carry him a bit…..pick it up Brandon and OH MY…watch those high notes.

Sundance – John Popper meets Taylor Hicks…..can it work? Not after what I’m seeing…..not enough soul tonight my friend…….maybe you need the whacky dance moves and harmonica that Hicks had. Just standing there aint gonna cut it. BORING. Wait….wait a sec….what the hell is happening to the back of your head….did your gel your hair back to a fin like thing in the back? That was crazy weird.

Paul Kim – Paul is Asian….he has an asian accent and SINGS with an asian accent. WHAT???? How the hell did you make it through SINGING with an asian accent? What pop star OUT OF ASIA can anyone name that actually SINGS with an asian accent? To further the asian culture he went shoeless. I’m not disparaging Asians here……but that was weird. Randy liked it though.

Sidebar: Paula’s bangs are overcoming her face.

Chris – Timber-fuck wanna be with bad acne. Another strange dude…….he wears a suit and tries to move like Timber-fuck but he’s actually singing something a little rockin, not all faggy. Chris Daughtry meet J Timber-fuck. If I don’t look I actually like him…as soon as I look up and see the suit and moving I get violently upset. I know the song but can’t actually think what it is….something from Gavin someone.

Nick Pedro – snooze fest and bad

Blake – hmmmmmm…..ok….blake has the name and the voice to be part of a boy band….actually you’d assume he was one of the ex- New Kids, EnSync’ers, 98 degrees, etc. Has the look, the name, the voice. Somehow I actually almost liked him cause he was a little more folksy than faggy…..there’s a fine line people but it matters.

Sanjaya – sucked. Boring. He’s young and immature and it showed.

Chris – messy haired slob. He sings pretty good though. Maybe he’s John Popper meets too many Jalepeno Poppers. He sounded pretty good.

Jared – was ok in a boring song sort of way. I cant say anything else.

AJ – I have no opinion….certainly wouldn’t ever listen to him on the radio.

Phil – started off really slow….picked up toward the end and I actually liked him by the end of the song.

That’s all I got on the guys.



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