Thursday, February 22, 2007

American Idol - The Girls are Winnin

Stephanie – I think I like her voice….I just don’t care about the song so it’s hard to really have an opinion. I think she’s NOT horrible and based on Hicks winning last year NOT horrible can win. Hit a big note at the end.

Amy – She sounded more like she was reading a story than singing a song. She’s reciting, pausing, reciting, pausing. She took a slow song to a halt…..fine job Amy…if that’s what you were going for.

Leslie – this bitch is crazy and CANT sing or dance. She’s almost crazy enough she should be on that INXS show. I can just tell…..she’s a nutcase underneath this “I want to be the american idol” exterior…..singing “You make me feel like a natural woman”……what Leslie….as opposed to the nutjob you are? She was bad. OK….Simon just noted she is a dogwalker for a living……see….crazy. Who does that for a living???? Crazies do. Very awkward chick.

Sabrina – I have a lot to say here. Sassy and sexy will carry a chick in this competition. Sabrina didn’t come out boring and dull with some ho-hum song…she came out singin with some soul and she is the best looking so far. That’s the good news for her… I’m not a nice person so here’s my other side: your nose is huge and a distraction and you have a wedding ring on I think. Its simply bad form. If you want to attract people you take that thing off and give guys a little fantasy. Act available…..its more likeable. Summary: ring off, nose job and you just could win.

Antonella – this is the best friend bitch. Waaa waaaa waaa….i’m with my best friend…waaaa waaaaa waaaaaa….we are hot friends….waaaa waaaaa waaa…..Princess bitch here. What she does have in looks she gives right back in bitch. AND she can’t sing. She was bad and she’ll be gone unless her looks carry her through. I think her dad is Stone Phillips…..sure looks like him.

Jordin – no opinion really…not great…pretty good.

Nicole – I didn’t like her…..not sure why but something wasn’t there. Not a huge opinion though.

Haley – boring

Melinda – AGGGHHHH……what a freaky look chick. How did her head get attached to those shoulders. She needs to wear clothes that demonstrate she has a neck. She is a really weird looking chick. She can sing but I just don’t think you can get by looking all weird like that. Its hard to explain but its odd. Her shoulders are at her ears.

Alaina - Now this is what I’m talking about……a bad rendition of a classic Pretenders song. At least it’s a bad cover of a band and song I can appreciate. I appreciate her for humoring me……not cause she was any good…..Kitty probably thinks this is ATROCIOUS cause she has no idea who the Pretenders are and it is really bad BUT at least I like the song.

LaKisha – ummmmmm………GIRL can SING. Based on 2 days she really should win but will America give it to a heavy girl??? She needs a fashion stylist to help her out….Kitty?? you busy? Her head is 2.5 times the size of Ryan’s....Kitty what can you do to slim down her head?



Anonymous me said...

melinda could totally win america likes weird looking people look at taylor and fantasia

3/06/2007 4:30 AM  

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