Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chavon was On to something

Listened to Howard this morning. He was going on about some fantasy that Beth had of some chick and how he almost wants to encourage it because he wants to see Beth with a chick but is afraid she'll go lesbo on him. He was trying to figure out what the real motives for Beth's desires.

So he takes a few calls to get some of the regular callers thoughts. Chavon (had a sex change) calls in with her theory. She starts spouting off some nonsense that wasn't making much sense and then Howard says "Chavon....what are you talking about" and Chavon starts in with a theory of how Beth is androgynous (both male and female) and Howard jumped in "Chavon is making no sense...." and hung up.

Initially Chavon wasn't making sense so Howard was trying to stick in. As soon as Chavon started making sense Howard didn't like where it was going. Beth is Androgynous....she is manly with a horse face but Howard didn't want to go down that path on the radio because poor Beth's feelings were about to get hurt

Howard didn't want to go home to a whining bitch ...."howie, am i really manlike....do i really have manly features....waaaa...waaaaa..waaaaa". Don't insult me Howard.....I get EXACTLY why you hung up.


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