Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ohhhh Dylan...where have you been?

What are the chances of seeing good ole Dylan McKay on TV at the same time on two different channels on two different programs???? They are EXTREMELY rare seeing as Lukey has done not a whole hell of a lot since 90210.

But at this very moment I am watching him on HBO in some show about a guy named john from cincy.....he might be john, not sure yet.....and the classic 1994 bull riding drama 8 Seconds. For anyone who hasn't see this its a rides bull, man falls in love with girl who rides around barrells, man falls off bull....confidence shattered....lashes out against barrell finds himself and conquers fiercest bull and reclaims barrell girl. Classic and I actually liked it when I saw it in 1997.

As far as I can tell about the guy from cincy show a bunch of people like to surf and two guys shit alot. Thats all I've seen in 15 mins.
The dumbass expression on Lukey's face above is the same dramatic expression he talks about "paddling out to get that next wave...just like your father did and his father, your grandfather".
Luke meet John Black....John Black meet Luke....pretty sure you two were separated at birth.

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