Wednesday, March 21, 2007

HR 101

Rule #32 in the HR 101 Handbook states: If you want your employees to suffer through some horribly boring, painful training where 90% of them will sleep through (with their eyes open) and daydream about a life of grandeur after winning the powerball, THEN you as the executive must attend the same training. Not only must you attend the training but you must sit near the front and appear interested. This lends credibility to the fact that you actually want these cattle to glean SOMETHING from this and aren't just giving them a free day from sitting in their cube.....a free day including bagels, some fruit, free coffee and maybe even a lunch consisting of Au bon Pain boxes (if they're lucky).

Dummy (now to be known as SpellChecker....yes I'm changing his name and will explain later) thinks there should be an executive summary for people who live is every day and already understand in depth the material being presented. Elitist moron.

Not only is this wrong for the obvious reason that your employees are going to think..."shit, if he doesnt care why should I" but how about the fact that if you are SOOO smart and know it all then why not show up and impart some of that wisdom and experience on the rest of the cattle? You aren't doing anything else anyway......other than SpellChecking my shit.



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