Thursday, June 21, 2007

Price is Wrong

So I have to comment on Rosie as the potential next host of the Price is Right. I actually don't care because I don't watch the show anymore. I admit there was a period of my life where I loved watching the show every day.....those quirky little games, silly bob, the gorgeous women, the excitement of that Final Showdown.....what's not to love really ('s 11:30 here...I think I can catch it now as I talk myself into it).....anyway.....

Bob has always been a genuinely nice, likeable guy who seemed to really enjoy the contestants. Rosie is a fake bitch. She will have the people coming on stage and she'll pretend to care and like them but at the end of the day she is all about Rosie. I'm not sure the general public will see through this....they really didn't when she had her talk shows....those housewives ate it up and thought she was actually nice BUT she didn't have to interact with them per se. She had a forum to be all about her and she acted sort of nice.

I think it will be interesting when her primary function is to actually interact with people she thinks she is so much better than. I don't actually care that much but I think its a bad move for the show. They need someone genuinely sweet. Maybe Regis......I'm thinking Regis.

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