Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tis the Season

Noooooo not to be jolly you fools.....ain't no damn Xmas in June.

Tis the season for the worst Television known to mankind. Last night alone was that dumb inventor show, So You Think you can Dance and America's Got Talent. Problem with this jolly season of the year is the shows are SOOOO bad they are unwatchable.

The Talent Show is horrible. Its simply not possible to sit and watch David Hasselhoff. He's not even mockable.....all I can think of is goddamn Knight Rider.....even when I was 14 I knew that was horrible cheese, talking into that watch of his calling KITT. They couldn't even humor a 14 year old with a hot repair chick for my viewing and self "pleasure". We got this:

What's a 14 year old going to do with that?

The inventor show is the only one that is half decent because there are some real lunatics on that show. I can't remember any right now but they ARE amusing.

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