Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The New Home of Ryan and his Fiancee

Where will you live if you are a kid who puts his phone number on Utube and take calls from random girls that want to fall in love? Probably in this lovely trailer park.

Ryan put his phone number on Utube asking girls to reach out to him. He claims to get 70k calls a day. One such girl he has fallen in love with. The wedding date???? 2010 some time WHEN she is 21.

So who posts themselves on Utube in this way? What 18 year old calls him and falls in love? What kind of parents allow aforementioned 18 year old reach out and get engaged to someone with their number on Utube?

TRASH....Trailer Trash.

Only way they aren't living here is if over the next 3 years Ryan finds someone better of the 70k per day he claims. Honey....don't hitch your wagon to that shining star cause he just might find a better piece of trash. You might be a rotten banana peel and he might upgrade to a nice wagon with just a broken handle that could be fixed.



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