Friday, June 22, 2007


Close one and the count begins.

I notice that EVERY issue of People magazine has to have a picture of Matty Mc without his shirt on. Now you note that I purposely didn't put a picture of him on this posting because if you want to see that just go to Not making it that easy for .....well, nobody is reading this anyway.

Anyhow......this week's issue came and I figured I'm going to start a count and see how high it goes....weeks with Matty Mc shirtless. The magazine came, I leafed through and I thought "oh my, this is going to be a quick little Matty....SHIT, this sucks."

Sure enough on Page 90 of 98 there he is. He showed up in some product section "matty's sunscreen". No Melanoma for Matty.



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