Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pow Pow

I love it....Rosie's kid in army fatigues stirring up trouble. Its great actually. What's not to love about it. Ms. Controversial's kid dressing up like a soldier, causing an outrage and then her getting to respond by saying "all these kids dying in Iraq and we are worried about a 4 year old".

This is great stuff. Rosie is going to be better off the view on her blog than the was on the view. She's might just keep stirring shit up. I've never been a huge Rosie fan of course but I love the controversy she creates.

By the way, on this one I agree with her....its a kid dressing up. Leave it be. Why you want your girl in army fatigues vs a tutu isn't completely understood but when your mother is Queen Butch of Lesland what would you expect.


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