Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Message from Ms. Brilliant

Paris' 4th of July Message to the world: Don't drink and Drive.,,20041406_20044605,00.html

Thanks for that Paris, truly enlightening and inspiring. Now why don't you tell us more about those horrible days in jail.

Anyone who missed out on the Paris interview on Larry King truly missed a snoozefest. When asked her personality trait she disliked most about herself she said "when her voice goes up and down.....she likes her normal voice". How about that you are an idiot? How about that you are completely out of touch with the real world most of us live in? You like that boring, snoozy, monotone voice and HATE when it crackles or goes up or down a level? That's what you don't like? Thats what you learned about yourself in jail that is going to change your life?

Great.......the world will benefit from her time behind bars.



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