Monday, July 23, 2007


I have to comment on the sensation taking over the paparrazi surrounding the Beckhams. I have said before that I don't really care whether the MLS continues or folds. Makes no difference to me at all. Again, I'm not sure if it makes much difference to the Beckhams either except for the impact on their celebrity the time the MLS would fold these two are already megastars so not sure they care.

Few points of note on the Beckhams: he could take over Matty Mc as People's poster boy for male hot. Matty Mc seems to be yesterday's news as DB has rode to town.

Again, I don't actually care if soccer in America lasts but I am interested in the sociological study as to whether DB can do what others before him couldn't. Pele came to play in America when he was the best player in the world....didn't matter....nobody cared. Freddy Adu came as the savior of soccer.....nobody really cared.

DB has things going for him that these two didn't: 1) he comes with "star power" in a media crazed town of papparazi which will shower him with attention maintaining a spotlight on him. 2) he has a hot wife....more reason to keep him in the spotlight. 3) comes with instant credibility in the game...Pele had this but didn't have the 'star power' that DB draws or the media world of today. 4) DB chose the right town.

So the question I remain interested in is whether DB will have an impact on soccer in the US (in the long term....definitely will in the short term because people will flock initially) or will he just be People's new posterboy?

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