Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Guy's Dream Day

NOOOOO......I'm not going to the AVN awards with Jenna Jameson on my arm but for me this day has potential to be about as good as it least pretty good.

I'm golfing all day with 16 guys, then going right to my buddies house where we are going to continue drinking, order disgustingly greasy pizza and other foods, draft fantasy football teams (i know most of you have no appreciation for this) and then play cards until 3AM.

The real beauty of this is most of the guys are probably morons......I only know a couple and they certainly are.....however, the best way to deal with morons is to focus the conversations. Hanging out with 15 other morons making small talk is a nightmare but if the conversation is completely focused and isolated on golf, beer, the beer girl, football, pizza, cards it completely eliminates any deviation into dumb conversations.

Now that's as close to a dream day as you can get with a bunch of dudes.


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