Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Need a Nap

Work is boring me to tears and I'm hung over today. I didn't drink for 4 days and then my buddy gave me the key to the concierge floor at the hotel I'm at.....SOOOOO....I had a glass of wine, then another......oh then another.

Then I went to my room and took a nap until my crazy business partner (I'll call him that but there ain't much business yet) called me and woke me up. Talked to him for an hour and was all wired as I tend to get from talking to crazy rob. So what do you do when you are wired and have a little buzz???? Well if you are me you add to it.

What followed was a real live show I couldn't stop watching. 3 guys sitting in the middle of the bar with one girl on the end. I never actually got a look at the girl because she was facing away from me.....seemed like she could be ok but a little chunky. One guy in the middle was the obvious ring leader and VERY loud. The entire conversation was all about the $100 glasses of wine they were all drinking (I had my first vodka in front of me)......then there was talk of $250 a shot Louis XIII.......loud guy wanted to see a manager to strike a deal with him on the shots.....then there was the purchase of a bottle of Louis XIII at some amount in the multiple thousands......then some fat chick showed up to drink michelob draft while the guys and one girl (who was not part of the group but just sitting there) were drinking the wines and Louis.

Loud guy disappeared while I was on my second vodka and I thought the show was over. He had someone carry his Louis up to the room for him....he wanted to feel special. These guys all had southern accents....they were from Orlando. They all looked like they walked out of a trailer so I was sucked into watching it all.

The girl who was on her own was sitting next to one of the guys who was hitting on her and she seemed interested as her legs were almost straddling his stool to some degree (skirt on, bare legs, I"m sure he got a view right up the skirt).

Just as I'm about to leave loud guy reappears and starts ordering more $250 shots and $100 glasses of wine. Then he dismissed the others to their rooms. Literally told them they were free to leave and that he had some things to attend to down at the bar (ie. he was going to try and get laid). They leave, he moves over and I'm now on my 3rd vodka watching. He turns from loud and obnoxious to sweet guy just like that. I'm done with my vodka, it's past midnight and I've had enough.

I know.....I lead you right up to the climax as to whether this guy gets the girl or not and I don't even know. I have that same unsatisfied, lack of closure feeling you all have.

But the real point is.....I need a nap.



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