Thursday, August 09, 2007

Observations of the Week

I was only at work 3 days this week but that was enough for some wonderful material.

First observation is going to be a little graphic for the women folk but I'm going to say it anyway. I noticed that I do something basically without thinking when I walk into the men's room toward the urinal. I have been conditioned by my last gig where the urinal was right there when you walked soon as you walk in you are basically at the urinal so you can start unzipping right away. At the new place the urinal is all the way at the end. With my prior conditioning I start unzipping once I get in.....I noticed that not only do I unzip but I actually start pulling 'myself' out but I still have a walk to the urinal. I think its freaking out the other male patrons as I got a look the other day like "what are you doing dude....stop grabbing yourself until you are over there". This is when I realized what I was doing.

Second, there is a guy who's sole job is to monitor process of getting a project through the system. "did you fill out this form? well then we can't proceed...I have to have this form filled out...what do you mean the form is pointless? I need it". This is the equivalent of being a high school hall monitor. Thats a solid career. Not sure where you go from there.

Third, my boss has ear hair and I think he shaves them. Seems scary to be shaving over there. He also has back problems and likes to lay on his floor and stretch. Problem is that he ends up looking like he has little white lice bugs crawling around his black pants because he's picking up fibers from the floor. Foolish man......ear hairs and pant lice = silly looking.

Fourth, bosses boss...the big guy wears his glasses on the tip of his nose rather than the bridge like most normal humans. I hate people who do that. I noticed the other day that he looks like a mouse with a sunken in chin and a horrible cheesy mustache.

That was the week in a nutshell.



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