Saturday, August 04, 2007

Small Throat, Tight Pants and Bad Boxers

Here is a summary of my work day in the form of three discoveries:

I think I have a small throat. This is the 4th day in a row where I swallowed something and it got lodged in my throat causing a discomfort of just wishing it would slide on down there. This time its tylenol sinus so I want it to slide on down so it can do its thing. I don't think it will have the medicinal effect if its just lodged in the throat.

I had to stay in town last night because my boss insisted I do so for a meeting with his boss and then a dinner with some dude from some company. I'll be getting home around 2AM probably (thrilled with this.....I'm SUCH a night owl).

So discovery 2: My boss wears very tight pants. I thought I noticed this before in his dress slacks but wasn't really sure. Today is jeans day and he has tight jeans on. So I can't figure out if he likes wearing tight pants or has just put on some weight and hasn't made the investment in the next size. I'm guessing the latter and want to believe that to be the case because if he just likes it thats a little disconcerting.

Discovery 3: This isn't anything I didn't already know but every now and then one needs reminded of this......bad boxers suck. I had to buy some stuff to wear today....tshirt, boxers, socks......the boxers I bought are going right into the garbage. They just suck.

In spite of all this.....I'm having a pretty good day......why you wonder???? All because of the pink shirt. If you walk around wearing a pink shirt in confidence then it makes you that much more confident because obviously you must be something special if you can be wearing the pink shirt to begin with......and it shows.

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