Saturday, August 04, 2007

Dinner with Boss

I had dinner with boss today and some guy that works for some firm we might have help us. Further evidence I am completely out of place in this corporate world.

There we are....talking, networking, figuring out the problems of the company.....well they were....I wasn't. I was looking at the old couple next to us figuring out what they were up to.....figuring out if I thought the 9 year old girl at the table near by in her scarf and dress looked adorably cute or pretentiously stupid at too young an age. I was trying to figure out what the 2 youngish girls (around 16-19) were doing at a table of 10 old people (over 70)....maybe there was a few younger people (40-50 that could have been parents) but there were alot of old people. I sat and debated whether I'd have dessert when the time came because I was stuck with these doofs on a friday night so I deserved it (and I did, key lime pie...not so much).

My boss was eating his food by scooping it up on the backside of his fork......sort of bizarre but I've seen the move before. Then at dessert he used a spoon the proper way and he spilled an apple on his shirt and made a mess of himself.....should have used the backside of the spoon pal.

All in all.....I would have preferred my time spent otherwise.



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