Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Bachelor

OK OK.......I turned the channel and I see this horribly cheesy guy standing there and I have to see what he is doing......Oh FUCK....its The Bachelor and I just got sucked in.

All I can say at this point is he was standing there for 25 women and everyone that comes out of the limo he gives this look.....its a cross between the trying to push a fart out look and a little kid looking at you like "but can I please have the candy". So he gives this look as each one approaches and says in the EXACT same tone EVERY time....."HOW are YOU doooing?".....then he ends the brief intro to each with "Let's have some FUN".

This really is a priceless show. I realized something......the first few episodes are great cause they are all so cheesy and pathetic. Its the end when he really thinks he is in love with a couple and starts meeting family that it gets painful.

I'll be watching for a few weeks.



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